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Copperflect is a high performance copper Insulation

Your attic is the main location of radiant heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.  Copperflect is specifically designed around radiant heat transfer. Copperflect installed in your attic and crawlspace works by reflecting out can reflect 97% of the infrared heat in the summer and reflect back in the radiant heat in the winter. This results in more comfortable ceilings and floors and lower electric bills.

Why Copper?

The four natural metals with the highest infrared reflectivity are aluminum, copper, silver, and gold. Not all metals maintain their reflectivity. Many metals corrode in the presence of heat and moisture. When exposed to steam or liquid water, the reflectivity of aluminum can drop to 50% reflective. Copper is considered a “noble metal” and is naturally corrosion resistant. Recent technological breakthroughs allow copper to be deposited and coated cost-effectively, allowing to make a superior reflective.

Copperflect uses  NASA technology  

Every roll of Copperflect is quality inspected and certified. 

Copperflect works alone or makes a great combo with other insulation.

Highlighted Features

Why is Copperflect far superior?

  • 99.99% pure Copper and is corrosion resistant while Aluminum corrodes easily when exposed to heat and moisture.
  • Copperflect works by reflecting up to 98% of the infrared heat in your home lowering utility bills and adding comfort.

Pays For Itself

  • According to the Tennessee Valley Authority, this type of radiant reflective barrier can SAVE 50%-60% on heat flux through the attic space.
  • According to ENERGY STAR® this type of barrier can be used to help meet the Prescriptive Path requirements in ENERGY STAR® Qualified Homes.

Copperflect Meets

– FTC R-value Requirements
– ASTM and NFPA Fire Standards
– ICC International Building Code
– ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes
– Backed with a Lifetime Warranty


Also Available In Aluminum

Attic Hatch Covers

Available in both

Copperflect & Aluminum

  • Creates a Tent of Insulation Over your Attic Stairs

  • Able to Withstand High Heat & Humidity

  • Reflects Radiant Heat

  • Saving On Energy Bills

  • Heavy-Duty Construction

  • Resist Electrical Conductivity

Solar Attic Fans

30Watt & 55Watt Solar Attic

Ventilation Fans
w/ Thermostat & Firefuse.

With over 30 years of product development experience, the team has tediously developed the most advanced solar attic fan (solar ventilation) on the market. After years of market research and gathering information from various industry professionals, we have created the most efficient, durable, and easy to use solar attic fan you can buy. We would like to earn your business by providing accurate information and to help you understand the differentiating features to others.

The SR1800 series solar attic fan has been engineered to perform in any inclement weather, passing the most recent (2016) rigorous certification which is required by many types of insurable properties. The automotive grade ABS stands up to the mightiest of natural forces, reinforced with the highest quality aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners. Our solar ventilation products are designed to be used in any residential, commercial, agricultural, and utility application.

Our SR1800 series beats out all competitors with its superior technology for high efficiency and clever design (patented) for both aesthetics and functionality. While other products stick out like a sore thumb on your rooftop, our low profile design ensures our customers that their rooftop will look pristine, regardless of installation location. Unlike our competitors, our solar attic fans come with a patent-pending, two-piece design with our ‘drop-and-lock’ feature, which allows seamless access to your roof and never having to jeopardize the water-tight flashing.

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